Tool repository
NeuralAct NeuralAct: A tool to visualize cortical activity on a 3D model of the cortex NeuralAct allows researchers to visualize cortical activity acquired using ECoG, EEG, MEG, or DOT on a 3D model of the cortex. The figure on the left shows an example of a typical use of this tool. The tool has been used to produce cortical activation images and image sequences in several recent studies using ECoG. The tool is written in matlab. The package is thoroughly documented and includes a demo.
Remus Remus: Remote ultrasonic intervention system Remus is an noninvasive, ultrasound-based system that manipulates specified deep brain circuits on command. This practical system enables researchers and clinicians to diagnose and treat specific deep brain noninvasively yet in a targeted manner, thus embodying the promise of personalized treatments of brain disorders. We provide the hardware and software to assemble and use the system. We demonstrate how the system can be used to modulate deep brain circuits and behavior HERE.